Close your eyes and listen closely.

Right on time.  So emotionally exhilarating that I’m wide awake, yet so peaceful that I feel completely weightless and without a care in the world.  I love the powerful message of self-acceptance, the reminder that our hearts will always tell us what we need.

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Is this my son.

All I need to get by.

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You only need stuff when you don’t have yourself.


With two people I love.

At every age, I’ve been grateful.

This is irresistible.

A song about living your life on your own terms. It’s all okay when you go your own way.

We’re gonna give ourselves to love tonight

Lifting up to touch the star light

And we will savor every second we suspend together

You and I will.  You and I will.  You and I will.

Hopeful, healing, and uplifting all at once.  Like a close friend who always has your back.

Jason Mraz | Summer of YES!

I am beyond ready for this.  This man’s music touches on so many emotions that I relate to.

My speakers are so ready!